This blog has been around a few years and will hopefully continue to be around many more. It’s evolved from a strict blog to a general corpus of knowledge. It contains tidbits on programming, hardware, cooking, philosophy and just some of the tools I like. It’s much less about any topic then it is just a pared down slice of what’s generally bouncing around in my head, with a bit of wrapping to make it more digestible.

Most of my posts tend to be cutdown pieces from my research or projects, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more background on something. I’ve avoided adding comments since it’s overhead, mostly just collects spam and a lot of the hosted comment services are garbage and anti-privacy.

The blog is hosted these days on gitlab, and is built in hugo with a very heavily edited hello friend theme. It’s written in markdown and statically rendered so hosting it is blindingly cheap.

I generally prefer (and write about) simple solutions. It’s easy to overcomplicate a problem.