This blog isn’t all that interesting tech wise, but I wanted to take a moment to cover it for those with a passing interest. It’s a jekyll core with a very hacked on midnight theme, currently using jemoji for the :heart:s, :poop: and :laughing:.

Code is styled with the very fancy and very awesome Fira Code font so that things like this are a thing:

'use strict';
const myFunc = (...args) => {
  if(args.length >= 1 && args[0] === true) {

(Those weird compound symbols are called ‘ligatures’ and they’re a neat new-ish html5/css3 feature.)

Next up is to get blog links unfurling in slack correctly (that’s the little embedded view of a page when you post a link) by adding in SEO tags, and then to also look into fixing the RSS feed.